Saturday, 16 January 2010

Item of the Week

This week's item of the week: THE PROOF THAT DREAMS COME TRUE ONESIE

I think this onesie is really cute, but I'm totally biased! This was one of the first designs that I came up with, and as soon as I had made a prototype, it was a big hit. The first woman to buy one was pregnant for the second time after having a miscarriage, and so was understandably extra thrilled to find out she was pregnant again. She said this outfit was perfect for her and her new little boy!

But little girls shouldn't feel left out, as this onesie is also available in pink, albeit with a different logo.

As per usual, both of these items retail for $9, and are available as onesies or babygros (your choice!)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Item Of The Week

This weeks item of the week: THE FUTURE ROCKSTAR ONESIE

For the future rockstar in your life! Also available in pink or green, along with gloves/scratch mitts.

Currently selling for $9.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sew What?!

OK, following on from my last post, I've decided to unleash some of my sewing energy. When I'm next in town I'm going to have a rummage in the offcuts box in my local fabric shop to find something fairly inexpensive in case something goes wrong - then I'm going to rock and roll!

I haven't decided entirely what I'm going to make yet, since I'm kind of a novice and this will be all hand-sewn. It's currently between an apron or a diaper bag - sounds ambitious, but I'm currently out of full-time work, so it's not like I have anything better to do. I have patterns, needles, and thread, all I need now is something to actually sew...

So that's the plan. I want to see if I have any talent, or if my hand-sewing puts me off all sewing for life, before I invest in a machine. In school, I became infamous for breaking needles and just generally being afraid of the sewing machines, so we'll see how well this goes!

Wish me luck!

Monday, 4 January 2010

I've Got An Urge!

Lately, all I can think about is sewing. I'm not known for my Mad Sewing Skillz. I don't own a sewing machine. But all I really want to spend my time doing right now is sewing.

I want to make dresses, and stuffed animals, and puppets, and little tool belts or aprons for children. I want to make pillow covers and tote bags and hairbands.

How can I get rid of this? And what the heck is causing it?!

...I don't sew!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Most Wanted

I find it really hard to resist a sale. Even if the stuff on sale is kind of crummy and I don't even like it, I'll still want to buy it because it's cheap. I absolutely hate paying full price for anything. I pains me.

Since I'm saving up for my holiday to New York, I'm having to really try to not spend money. I never used to spend a lot of money, but since Christmas I guess I've got it to the habit of it, so now I kind of enjoy it. That is bad.

So for now on, I'm going to be staying away from all shops. Except, oh wait, I sell on Etsy - that means at some point, while either promoting or trading or just generally being logged on to the site, I'm going to see stuff I want to buy. So to get that out of my system, I'm going to post the gorgeous items here that I want - starting today with jewellery. Maybe someone will take pity on me, or maybe I'll just decide that would be wiser to save up rather than spend money I can't afford to.

So I'm going to start spending vicariously with these little gems:

I love this necklace.

I really want to go to Vegas, but I'm 18, I wouldn't exactly be able to do much! I love that this necklace also includes some of the seedier aspects of the City of Sin! Go here to check out more of HeroineIndustries' items.

I desperately want this charm bracelet!

I'm going to ask for it for my birthday, I think. I love the colours, and the different charms, and the pictures, and... I just plain love it! I'm going to university next year to study Forensic Anthropology (aka the study of bones), so this is kind of appropriate for me. Go here to check out more from JezebelCharms!

I would love this to wear in New York.

I love the intricacy of the bronze filagree, and the little green leaf detail, as well as that added bonus of the heart charm. And that retro New York skyline design is awesome! VintageKitchMagpies' shop is here. It's like a candy store - and there's a big sale on right now!

This necklace is very cute.

Those Tiffany key necklaces are all well and good, but lets face it, they're crazily expensive, and I would personally prefer something that looks a little more vintage and... loved. And this baby's on sale! I like the brass finish on this one, and the fact that it looks like a functioning key - like I've just popped it on a chain round my neck for safekeeping. And that dusty pink flower is just gorgeous. Check out more from RubyRougeJewellery here.

This necklace is just charming!

It makes me proud to be British! That post box is incredible, and I want it! Plus, you just have to love anything with a locket on it. Find Hoolala's shop here.

Oh my gosh, this Romance in Paris necklace makes my pulse race!

I need it! It's everything I look for in a necklace - charms, a pretty flower and vintage brass. There's not much else I can say about it, it's perfect! Japonicas' shop is fabulous, so please go here to take a peek!

So that's just a selection of my lusted-after jewellery list. I'm sure you'll agree they are all fabulous, but this is just my opinion on a very, very small percentage of all of the jewellery sellers on Etsy.

Show some your of your favourite sellers some love today!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

From The Depths

I finally got round to making the catalog, and honestly, I wish I'd done it sooner because I found lots of designs for onesies that I had completely forgotten about!

Like this one, also available in blue and green hues:

Or maybe this one:

Or even these ones:

Please let me know what you think!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Note To Self:

Hey! You!

Don't forget to make Saima a catalog of designs!

(seriously, I was meant to do this weeks ago but completely forgot until today!)